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Cross-border Logistics

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Conquer abroad!

Do you have a Dutch company and are you looking to expand to the rest of Europe or even further? Again, FS is your partner in e-fulfilment and retail logistics! With a strategic location near Schiphol airport and the port of Rotterdam, and good roads to other European countries, the connections with both the European as non-European countries are strong.
By storing your stock at a central location in Europe you can
 make sure your products arrive at their destination quickly! Did you know that it is possible to deliver your goods from the Netherlands to Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France or Great Britain the next day?!

FS: your partner when pushing boundaries

About 21% of the total online trade is cross border. Although the distance between you and your customers increases in this case, it is still important that orders can be processed and/or shipped quickly. FS is specialised in the processing and shipment of your webshop orders. With our unique order picking system, consisting of fifteen robots that automatically pick the orders from one of the thousand containers, we arrange an efficient logistical processing of your orders, for both the corporate and the consumer market.

For FS, the distribution of your goods is just as easy to arrange for destination across the borders as for within the Netherlands. Through our cooperation with several large transport companies, such as DPD, PostNL, DHL, GLS, UPS and CTS GROUP it is possible to offer several options in speed and costs. So, we always offer an efficient and suited solution!


Focus points for international business:

  • Different languages, cultures and way’s of doing business ask for extra attention.
  • The foreign consumer has other needs than the Dutch consumer.
  • There might be other laws and regulations to take into account.
  • Special import and clearance costs could be charged.
  • Product liability varies for different countries.


With Fulfilment Solutions, you can conquer the world. To make sure you are provided with our high quality service all over the world,  FS focuses on closing partnerships with colleagues on every continent.

  • DCL Logistics
    Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, DCL Logistics is our partner in North America. Just like FS, DCL Logistics is specialized in e-fulfilment and retail logistics. Therewith, it can also provide the transport of your goods. The organization leverages on 30 years of experience in operational expertise and customer commitment. The clientele of DCL is very diverse, from startups to global brands, in various industries. Click here for more information about DCL Logistics.
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