Online purchases returned more and more

There is an increase of Internet shoppers who return their packages, a phenomenon that costs webshops loads of money.

“For retailers, it is extremely important that the return works well and quickly, because customers think it is important,” said Steven Kersbergen. He runs a logistics center for various shops.

Mostly returning packages for the customer is free, the costs are for the shop. “Any package that returns has to be checked individually. Especially clothes are returned often.”

Online shopping on the rise

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“For some shops about 50 percent of the purchases are returned”, says Kersbergen. Especially when it comes to clothes. His logistics center has set up a separate department to process the returns.

Better images

At Wehkamp, 40 percent of online purchases is returned. The company claims that this percentage is decreasing, because it is working on a better presentation of the products, such as showing more and better images on the website, to inform the customers better about the products. “This must reduce the chance of a disappointment, and lead to a decrease in returns,” said Dirk van den Bogaart from Wehkamp.

14 billion

Online shopping continues to grow in popularity. Last year, Dutch people spent almost 14 billion on online purchases. That’s 8.4 percent more than a year earlier. The increase was due mainly to a peak around Sinterklaas and Christmas. Consumers especially bought toys online.

Online spendings

Wijnand Jongen, head of, thinks the number of spending continues to increase in the coming period. “If we compare spending on online purchased products with total spending on consumer products, the online share is approximately 7.6 percent.”


Not only do consumers buy more and more products online, often services are also concluded via the Internet. Think of travelling and insurances. In the last months of last year there were more than 1 billion euros of new insurance policies online.


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