“A faster deliverly and more fluctuations in the order package. E-fulfillment companies have to cope with this unpredictability. Fulfilment Solutions chose robotics. “People need to stay, they are more concerned with adding value nowadways.”

‘Mechanisering e-fulfilment betekent cultuuromslag’


Anyone who ordered something online today, will get the package delivered tomorrow. Behind this there is a logistical operation hidden which is mostly very labor intensive. There are pickers who drive trolleys through the warehouse aisles and scan the articles.

Fulfilment Solutions saw a mechanization solution to meet the ever-fluctuating customer demand. “We had to investigate all types of solutions. Shuttle systems, pick-by-light, pick by voice. The advantages and disadvantages of all options are weighed. An automatic system of AutoStore from Lalesse revealed to us the best solution. ”

Culture change

During the Masterclass E-commerce Kersbergen will focus extensively on automation trends, making a system selection based on cost and the implementation of AutoStore with Fulfilment Solutions. He also discusses the changing corporate culture. With the rollout, this turned into a culture where te cooperation is at the top. Kersbergen explains: “With the machines the working is different. The production line continues to run so you’ll have to work together to make this run smoothly. Despite mechanization there is still a need for people in the process. We now only have the need for people with different talents. Unlike before the mechanization our employees are more involved in adding value now.

Masterclass E-commerce

Kersbergen will reveal more practical experience during the Masterclass E-commerce, where he will give a session on the first training day. On day two a case study will be discussed.

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