Masterclass opens dialogue about e-commerce

On a sun-drenched day on country estate Nyenrode 13 participants of the Masterclass E-commerce gathered to catch up on the latest trends in the field of e-commerce, taught by professors and top teachers. This resulted in a lively brainstorming session on the future of E-commerce and an open dialogue between the participants about the challenges that everyone faces with e-commerce.

Because of online shopping the store’s turnover decreases. However, the fixed costs remain the same. How do shop owners deal with this? What are the organizational success factors in omnichannel? How can robotics have a positive impact on productivity in the logistic process? It all got attention in the two-day Masterclass E-commerce. Participants went into depth about omni channel, inventory management, mechanization and the last mile. Besides the light of knowledge of teachers and professors, the participants also learned a lot from each other. They were very open about what problems they face on a daily walk in the e-commerce practice.

Same day delivery is hot

Untill what time can I place the orders? According to Steven Kersbergen that’s the first question online shops have when they intend to outsource their e-fulfillment. Same day delivery is hot, as it turns out. There is much talk about this subject during the two-day training. In his presentation Kersbergen showed how his company, Fulfilment Solutions, can cope better with peaks by investing in robotics. “Staff costs per handling are halved nowadays.”

Numbers and the customer journey

Managing logistics for third parties such as How do you ensure that suppliers do what they promise? Jeroen van den Berg took the participants in the future of e-commerce and provided the participents with the necessary support figures from the latest researches in e-commerce. Teacher Mike Hoogveld put the participants to work in the afternoon. How does the customer journey look like? On a brown paper the participants mapped this in groups for their own or a fictitious company.

Inventory management and the last mile

On day two Professor Kees Jan Roodbergen provides an insight into how smart inventory can be organized for e-commerce. Professor Pieter Klapwijk discusses the challenges in the last mile. Esther Cheerful and Nelleke Steendam Hive offer a candid and practical insight into the last mile of the (online) store.

Want to participate?

In 2016, this Masterclass will be organized again by the Logistics Academy in collaboration with Nyenrode. If you are interested please contact us for this two-day training program. The program for 2016 will be announced this fall.

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