Rotterdam, 2015-07-13 – Fulfilment Solutions BV (2011) has been named industry winner in the fulfilment branche by the National Business Success Award. According to the Nomination Committee Fulfilment Solutions has developed a distinctive concept with a very strong positioning. “Fulfilment Solutions is one of the leading companies in the field of fulfillment of 2014 and has already made a name on the NOS news with its new state-of-the-art order picking system.”

The National Business Success Award Institute’s Nomination Committee Fulfilment Solutions as an example of progressive entrepreneurship. The company, that is based in Nieuw-Vennep, takes care of shop orders with an ultra modern order picking system, and combines this with storage/inventory management and returns processing. Fulfilment Solutions has approximately 15 employees and is active throughout the Netherlands. It maintains close ties with CTS GROUP, an internationally operating logistics service provider. “In a market that is constantly changing, Fulfilment Solutions BV knows how to anticipate on the latest trends and develepments excellently, and it is often a step ahead of its competitors”, according to the Nomination Committee.

Remarkable distinctive character

The jury praised the unique customization of the B2B business in particular. “The order picking system consists of thousands plastic containers in an aluminum frame, where robots drive over to pick the right items and prepare them for shipment. Because there are hardly any human hands necessary, the quality and speed of service increases, while the costs decrease”says Robbert Swan, chief of the Nomination Committee. “These kinds of pioneering systems bring Fulfilment Solutions at the top of its industry. By keeping a very customer- and service-oriented attitude and having the desire to keep walking in the lead, the FS stands out from its competitors.

About the National Business Success Award Institute:

Since 2011 the National Institute of Business Success Award nominates the best Dutch companies in their branche every year. The Success Award is based on research awarded to companies that have achieved excellent results in their industry and that are a shining example of a successful business. With its own television program and a prize of 100,000 euros, the National Business Success Award is the first and only annual business award in the Netherlands.

The mission of the National Business Success Award Institute is twofold: sharing the latest innovations and knowledge about the success factors for companies in the Netherlands through (cross-media) attention, and to reinforce the success and the company pride of the nominated companies through the platform of the National Business Success Award.