Many consumers areswitching to online shopping, or simply integrating the practice into their regular shopping by researching purchases online before buying in store. Worldwide, there are other interesting trends at play, from infrastructure problems to time of day shopping patterns. A new infographic from Remarkety examines these global e-commerce trends.

Perhaps the most important thing to note is that the U.S. is not the number one e-commerce market: China is. China’s market is expected to generate $562 billion dollars in sales in 2015, and shopping is the fastest growing online activity among Chinese consumers. Smartphone and tablet penetration is also better in China, with 33 percent of spending happening on mobile, and 33 percent happening on tablet.

The e-commerce market is still huge in the U.S.: more than $349 billion in e-commerce spending makes the U.S. the No. 2 market in the world. However, businesses seem reluctant to adopt e-commerce, as only 28 percent of small businesses have an online presence despite 57.4 percent of the US population shopping online.

Japan, which is fourth on the list, is a case study in optimizing for mobile. 46 percent of all e-commerce spending comes from mobile, and about 80 percent of the population of Japan shops online, according to Remarkety’s data. Trust is also very important in the Japanese market, as users want high quality products from companies with good reputations. Transparent public feedback is also important in e-commerce, but especially if you trade in Japan.

Only 10 percent of people in India use the internet, but growth continues, and mobile is leading to e-commerce growth there. The Mexican e-commerce market is projected to grow 15 percent this year, largely due to millennials gaining internet access.

Each country, market, and consumer base is different, and your company should be tailoring its marketing messages and consumer response based on local trends. To see more detail on these trends, and to see how impactful mobile shopping is outside the U.S., view the infographic below.

Ecommerce sales trends


Article retrieved from Adweek