Portal FS

The portal offers you realtime insight into your inventory, orders and other logistical matters. This way stock management and handling your logistics is possible anytime and anywhere. Earlier we already informed you about the development of a new, improved version. We are happy to announce that it is now finished!


In addition to being faster and more user-friendly, the new portal also has a number of new functions, including:

  • A homepage with a direct overview of and access to back orders, on-hold orders and all orders that are in process;
  • A more extensive stock overview. Now not only the available stock per item is shown, but also all the stock that is reserved for outbound orders or the stock that is still being processed for an inbound. You can also see if the stock is stored in the racks, orderpicking system or at the returns department. If inbounds are registered in time before arrival, the overview also shows which inventory is still on its way to the warehouse, which can be useful for inventory planning;
  • In the overview of the stock, orders and orderlines you can now determine which columns you want to see and in which order;
  • Show the data faster. The data currently goes back to three months. This will decline even further in the next stage;
  • • Creating outbound orders by uploading an Excel or CSV file for submitting orders for customers who have no connection with our system;;
  • The ability to download invoices and other documents.

Further planning for new features can also be found in the roadmap. The old portal (mijn.fulfilmentsolutions.nl) will remain available for a while. The new portal can be reached via portal.fulfilmentsolutions.nl.


Are you curious what we can offer you? Please contact us for more information!