Measures coronavirus at FS

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has got a hold on the world. Since it emerged in China last December, infections have been reported around the whole world. It’s also rapidly spreading in Europe and numerous countries have set emergency measures in motion to prevent the coronavirus from spreading even further. Through this newsletter we would like […]

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Portal FS

New portal is live!

The portal offers you realtime insight into your inventory, orders and other logistical matters. This way stock management and handling your logistics is possible anytime and anywhere. Earlier we already informed you about the development of a new, improved version. We are happy to announce that it is now finished!   In addition to being […]

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Top Global E-Commerce Markets and Trends (Infographic)

Many consumers areswitching to online shopping, or simply integrating the practice into their regular shopping by researching purchases online before buying in store. Worldwide, there are other interesting trends at play, from infrastructure problems to time of day shopping patterns. A new infographic from Remarkety examines these global e-commerce trends. Perhaps the most important thing […]

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Press Release: Fulfilment Solutions nominated for National Business Awards 2015

Rotterdam, 2015-07-13 – Fulfilment Solutions BV (2011) has been named industry winner in the fulfilment branche by the National Business Success Award. According to the Nomination Committee Fulfilment Solutions has developed a distinctive concept with a very strong positioning. “Fulfilment Solutions is one of the leading companies in the field of fulfillment of 2014 and has already made […]

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Masterclass opens dialogue about e-commerce

On a sun-drenched day on country estate Nyenrode 13 participants of the Masterclass E-commerce gathered to catch up on the latest trends in the field of e-commerce, taught by professors and top teachers. This resulted in a lively brainstorming session on the future of E-commerce and an open dialogue between the participants about the challenges that everyone faces […]

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‘Mechanisering e-fulfilment betekent cultuuromslag’

“A faster deliverly and more fluctuations in the order package. E-fulfillment companies have to cope with this unpredictability. Fulfilment Solutions chose robotics. “People need to stay, they are more concerned with adding value nowadways.”   Anyone who ordered something online today, will get the package delivered tomorrow. Behind this there is a logistical operation hidden […]

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