Outsourcing e-commerce logistics: these are the pros and cons

The e-commerce market is evolving rapidly. Companies often face the challenge of deciding whether to [...]

E-commerce trends 2024

With the ongoing digitization of society, e-commerce remains a dynamic and rapidly growing market. Innovations [...]

Changes EU VAT rules

From 1 July 2021, the VAT rules in the EU will change for companies that [...]

Tips on Getting into the European Market – a DCL blog in collaboration with FS

For non-European webshops it is often faster and more efficient to store products in one [...]

Masterclass opens dialogue about e-commerce

On a sun-drenched day on country estate Nyenrode 13 participants of the Masterclass E-commerce gathered [...]

Online purchases returned more and more

There is an increase of Internet shoppers who return their packages, a phenomenon that costs webshops [...]

Fulfilment Solutions will start using new revolutionair order picking system

Fulfilment Solutions will start using, the order picking system AutoStore, in February 2014. Ten robots [...]

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