Outsourcing your logistics

Outsourcing your logistics could help you to lift your business to the next level. At Fulfilment Solutions we can as a fulfilment center as well as a distribution center and offer logistical solutions for different phases of your supply chain.


Business-to-consumer logistics. At FS you can arrange the complete process from the receipt of the order to the eventual delivery of the product at the customer.

Direct-to-retail logistics. Supply your stores from one distribution center. Not per box or pallet, but at piece level. FS combines various products and sends them to your stores at the same time. This way you always keep the stores well stocked, but you never have too much stock. Simple and efficient!

Business-to-business logisticsAlso for large shipments to distribution centers and retailers like Amazon FS has the solution. With our B2B logistics we deliver larger volumes and we ensure that all your logistics flows are coordinated.

Curious as to what Fulfilment Solutions can offer you?