Stock management

When outsourcing your logistics, it is useful if you can view and manage your stock anytime, anywhere. With FS, stock management is simple, clear and efficient. Exactly as you wish!

Advantages of stock management with FS

  • Real-time insight into your stock and orders via your personal customer portal;
  • An automated warning if the level of your safety stocks approaches;
  • Security and quality thanks to multiple control points.

With FS you can manage your stocks always and everywhere. With our Warehouse Management System you have 24/7 access to all the information about your stocks. This means you will always be aware of the status and processing of your orders.

Do you work with safety stocks? You will in this case receive a warning if the level of safety stocks approaches. This will give you plenty of time to replenish your stocks.

Could you use some advice on stock management? We would like to help. For example, by analysing historical details and analysing your future stock requirements based on this.

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