Is your company growing fast and are you out of storage capacity? Then you have come to the right place! At FS, we have flexible storage options and the safety of your products is guaranteed.

Advantages of storage at FS

  • Three different storage options: per piece, box, or pallet;
  • Automated up and down scaling, whenever you want;
  • Your products are securely stored in our secured storage space.

In our safe storage area of 7,000m2 we work according to the TAPA-A guidelines; an extra safeguard for your goods. You can view these guidelines HERE. In addition, in our storage space the temperature is precisely regulated and a special dust-free zone has been set up. Our storage is perfect for high-quality products as well!

In our warehouse we store one SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) per location. Every location has a special barcode. This allows us to see which products are in which location at a glance.  This makes is easy to proactively manage your fulfillment and reduce operating costs. That is what Fulfilment Solutions is all about!

Curious as to what Fulfilment Solutions can offer you?