Value added Logistics

At FS we are specialized all logistics services. Therefore it is needless to say that we offer various value added services as well. Have your products been in stock for a while and is the software outdated? We can update the software for you. Also testing the hardware, and re-labeling and sealing products are among the possibilities!

Advantages of Value Added Services at FS

  • Flexibility to customize your products;
  • Articles are ready for sale quickly;
  • You don’t have to make any extra actions yourself.

A few of our possibilities:

  • Labeling and reselling of products;
  • Sealing or recovering products with our sealing machine;
  • Assembling and creating packaging or displays for specific sales purposes;
  • Performing quality control on products;
  • Testing of hardware products;
  • Rework of existing products, but also of damaged returned products to a product in good condition;
  • Updating firmware in hardware products.[/canto_alert]


There are of course many more ways in which you can make each order something special. We will gladly join you in the thinking process!

Curious as to what Fulfilment Solutions can offer you?