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Fulfilment Solutions offers logistical solutions for different stages of the supply chain.

  • E-fulfilment: at FS you can arrange the complete process from the receipt of the order – the ordering – to the eventual delivery of the product at the customer.
  • Retail logistics: the traditional way of shop logistics is not a problem for FS. We keep your products in stock and ensure that the shop is always replenished on time with your products.
  • Omnichannel logistics: when you buy the product both offline as online it is important that your logistics are integrally adapted to this. You can come to FS for the webshop – and the traditional shop logistics and you can optimise these processes together.

FS is the link in your supply chain that can accomplish both the function of fulfilment as distribution centre!

More FS services

Storage and stock management

In our TAPA-A certified premises your goods are in safe hands and the system ensures for efficient and effective stock management.

Value Added Services

At FS you have the possibility to make just that difference with the various additional services.

Order picking

With the help of 15 robots our order picking system ensures for efficient order picking and order shipment.

Return logistics

Return logistics is an indispensable part of e-commerce. The easier things go, the better your relation will be with your customer.


Through our cooperation with various partners we can delivery your products all across the world.

Product photography

With LED-lighting our photo studio makes perfectly highlighted photos of the products for your website.