Order picking system with robots

Our revolutionary order picking system, we are very proud of it. After all, it makes us the ideal partner for e-fulfilment and retail logistics!

Consisting of thousands of synthetic trays in an aluminium casing over which robots travel in order to pick the correct orders, our system enables you to increase both the quality of your services and the size of your business. The order system at the same time enables you to save costs. This will help you to keep ahead of the competition!

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How this is possible? Thanks to:

  • The high order picking speed, this saves time and money;
  • A continuous control of your stocks; no no-sales and so no more lost sales opportunities;
  • Optimal security of your products with the help of cameras and systems;
  • A dust-free zone for sensitive and high-value products; even if these are in storage for longer periods;
  • High performance, >99,8%!
  • A very extensive Track & Trace service for your consignment by the warehouse; your customer stays informed and consignments cannot get “lost”.

Limitless convenience

With FS you can manage your stocks always and everywhere. With our Warehouse Management System you have 24/7 access to all the information about your stocks. This means you will always be aware of the status and processing of your orders.

Do you work with safety stocks? You will in this case receive a warning if the level of safety stocks approaches. This will give you plenty of time to replenish your stocks.

Real-time insight into your stocks and links with e-commerce platforms

By logging in to your personal order management platform, you have direct insight into your stocks, the status of your orders, and the associated statistics about the order process.

Our solutions

Fulfillment Solutions is the specialist in e-commerce fulfillment and store logistics at piece level.

We connect with

We offer API integrations and connections for various e-commerce platforms and transport companies.

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