Return logistics

It is an indispensable part of the service to your customers and so it is an indispensable part of our service: the possibility of returning a product. The easier this is, the better relations with your customer will be.

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Advantages of return logistics at FS

  • Returns are processed quickly, correctly and efficiently;
  • Upon arrival, the contents of the package are checked, recorded and reported;
  • You will receive an extensive report of all numbers and status of the returned goods.

Quickly salable again!

When a returned product arrives, we first determine what needs to be done with the item. If the product still works, it can be included in the salable stock immediately. If it is defective, we will send it back to the supplier or we will repair the item itself. If there are other wishes, we will arrange this.

Thanks to our ultramodern system, returns can be prepared for sale quickly and efficiently. Therefore lost sales will be kept to a minimum!

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Fulfillment Solutions is the specialist in e-commerce fulfillment and store logistics at piece level.

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We offer API integrations and connections for various e-commerce platforms and transport companies.

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