Omnichannel logistics

Would you like your customers to reach you via all channels?  Then it is also important that the logistical process is well aligned. At FS you can arrange all your logistical affairs under one roof!

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Business-to-consumer logistics

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The B2C-logistics of FS

At FS we provide the storage of your products one piece level in our revolutionary order picking system, an aluminum framework with thousands of plastic trays and robots that pick the products quickly and flawlessly. Not only saves this time, space, and costs, it also makes stock management extra easy! With your own customer portal, you always have an overview of the available stock and orders. We can also connect our system with your webshop. This way the quantities on your webshop are always up-to-date!

Immediately after the placement of the order our robots start with the order picking of the product(s). These deliver the product(s) to our employees, who scan the product and choose the right packaging. If desired, we can also add various value added services. We also take care of the transport for you. Thanks to our partnerships with various transport partners, we always offer a suitable solution. Is your customer not satisfied with the order? Of course you can also turn to FS for return logistics!

Direct-to-retail logistics

The D2R-logistics of FS

Full pallets and boxes take up a lot of room which you most likely do not have at your store. Moreover, you may not even need an entire pallet with the same products. In this case it much easier to receive only a few pieces of each product when stocking up the assortment. At FS we are happy to take care of this with our retail logistics.

With the direct-to-retail logistics of FS, we act both as a distribution and as a fulfilment center. We provide the storage of your assortment, consisting of various products of different suppliers, in stock in our revolutionary order picking system, an aluminum frame with thousands of plastic bins and robots that take care of the order picking. Not only saves this time, space, and costs, it also makes it stock management very easy for you. Through your own customer portal, you always have an overview of the available stock and orders.

When the stock of your store(s) need to be complemented, you indicate online which products you need. Immediately after placing the order our robots start with the order picking and offer the different products to our employees. They scan the products, check the order and combine the products together in one box. If desired, we apply various value added services. Of course, when the packages are ready for shipping, we also take care of the transport of the products to your store. Complete unburdening in your logistics back office, that’s what we stand for!

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Business-to-business logistics

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The B2B-logistics of FS

It often happens that physical stores can only be supplied with their own trucks. In these cases, your products must be delivered to a distribution center. This is also the case with online marketplaces such as and Amazon. The delivery at distribution centers is, however, a special branch of sport. Shipments must be packed and delivered in a certain way and often can only be delivered within a certain timeframe. For FS this is no problem!

With our B2B logistics we take care of the logistics of your larger volumes. We provide the storage the pallets in our rack locations. Each location has a special barcode. This way it is clear where your products are stored immediately and stock management is extra easy and clear for you. After placing an order via your customer portal, we start the order picking of a full box or pallet. Would you like us to apply any Value Added Services? No problem! This is even possible at piece level. Thanks to our link with CTS GROUP, a logistics service provider based in the same building, we can also provide excellent transport for your shipment.

Marketplaces logistics

The Marketplaces logistics of FS

As a marketplace seller you can choose to outsource the logistical handling. We can ensure that additional stocks are delivered to the respective marketplaces, but we can also take care of the fulfillment of your (marketplace) orders from A to Z from our own warehouse.

Of course the status of stock and orders can be tracked in real-time through our logistics portal. Do the shipping labels need specific information, or would you like to customize the orders with your own branding? We are happy to discuss the possibilities.

For the supply of marketplaces we utilize our own fleet of vehicles and because of our collaborations with multiple leading parcel carriers you can also rely on us for parcel shipments. We can also handle the processing of returns for you.

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