The gateway to Europe

Do you have a company outside of the EU and are you ready to storm the European market? Then it is efficient if your stock is stored at one strategic location. The Netherlands is the perfect country for this!

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The advantage of logistics in the Netherlands

  • All your European stock under one roof.
  • Central location and good connections with other European countries.
  • Adjoining road transport.
  • Quick custom clearances.
  • Various favourable arrangements, such as the opportunity of Fiscal Representation.
  • Strongly growing European online market.
  • High percentage of internet users.

FS: your e-fulfilment partner in Europe!

At FS, we are specialised in the processing and shipment of your webshop orders. With our unique order picking system, consisting of 15 robots that automatically pick the orders from one of the thousand containers, we arrange efficient logistical processing of your orders, for both the corporate and the consumer market.

With our location near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Port of Rotterdam we ensure that your stocked articles reach the customer quicker. Therewith you will always have insight in your stock and orders through our online portal.

Do you want to know your European target group? As a local partner, FS can give you excellent advice on this!

Fiscal representation

In contrast to Germany and France for example, the Netherlands has the possibility of Fiscal Representation. This means that companies from outside of the European Union can be fiscally represented by a Dutch company. This comes with a huge advantage. When goods are sold to an EU-company by a not-EU firm, the VAT can be transferred to the European partner. Obviously, this is very interesting for the seller from outside the EU as he does not have to pay VAT when importing the goods.

Our solutions

Fulfillment Solutions is the specialist in e-commerce fulfillment and store logistics at piece level.

We connect with

We offer API integrations and connections for various e-commerce platforms and transport companies.

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