Order picking

Order picking is an important part of our service. How we can do this the best way, depends on your needs. That is why we have different ways of order picking: per piece, per box and per pallet.

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Advantages of order picking at FS

  • Per order we choose the most suitable packaging unit;
  • Automatically we determine the best location to store your goods;
  • Your orders are checked multiple times.

Order picking per piece

With this variant, your products are stored in our revolutionary order picking system. When an order is made, the robots deliver the right bin. There, our employee picks the right number of products from the bin and checks them by means of barcode scanning, after which the shipment is carefully packaged for shipment.

Order picking per box

When your products are ordered per box, we pick the products from our rack locations. When an order is made, our employee picks the right number of boxes, scans them and makes sure the order will be sent.

Order picking per pallet

When your products are shipped per pallet, we also pick the items from our rack locations. With the forklift we take the right number of pallets and prepare the pallets for shipment. We can also break it down to separate shipments.

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Fulfillment Solutions is the specialist in e-commerce fulfillment and store logistics at piece level.

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We offer API integrations and connections for various e-commerce platforms and transport companies.

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