It is an indispensable part of the service to your customers: the possibility of returning a product. The easier this is, the better relations with your customer will be.

Fortunately, you are also at the right address with us in this regard. It will first be decided what is to take place. Does the respective article have to be returned to the supplier? Can it be offered for sale again? Or should something else be done?

Thanks to our ultramodern system, returns can be prepared for sale quickly and efficiently. This therefore keeps lost sales to a minimum.


Our returns system at a glance:

  • Returns are handled quickly.
  • On receipt, the package is checked, registered and recorded.
  • Returns from abroad can also be processed.
  • You will automatically receive an extensive report for all returns.
  • Is an article undamaged? It will then be directly included in your available stocks once more.


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